Austin Strange | 郝思诚

I am an assistant professor of international relations in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong.

I research and teach Chinese foreign policy and international political economy. My first research agenda investigates the aims and impacts of China’s global development finance. With colleagues, I recently published a book, Banking on Beijing, for Cambridge University Press on China’s overseas development program. Currently I am also researching shifts in China’s approach to global development and influence in developing countries since 1949. My second research agenda examines the domestic sources of trade and diplomacy across Chinese history.

Previously I received a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University and studied at Zhejiang University (M.A.) and the College of William & Mary (B.A.).


我研究和教授中國外交政策和國際政治經濟學。我的第一個研究議程是調查中國全球對外援助和投資的目標和影響。我正與我的同事們一起為劍橋大學出版社寫一本關於中國海外發展計劃的書。目前,我也在研究自 1949 年以來中國在全球發展和影響發展中國家的方式的演變。我的第二個研究議程考察中國歷史上貿易和外交政策的國內因素。